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"A four stringed instrument played with a bow. It is an unfettered fingerboard, consists of shallower body and capable of great flexibility in range, tone and dynamics".

  Swararnava literally translates to ‘ocean of swaras’.

It is believed that saint Tyagaraja was presented with the immortal treatise‘SWARARNAVA’ by sage Narada who appeared in disguise to dispel his doubts.

Swararnava is a school that imparts the knowledge of new technical innovative teaching methods of violin. It is a complete non-profit and music service oriented organization. Swararnava, the exclusive violin institution, is mainly focused on teaching classical carnatic music. Swararnava introduces carnatic classical music on itself as a unique school keeping in view the invaluable traditional music, its latent values, swararnava teaches violin according to the needs of new generation. It imparts lessons in an every way so that any student can understand them effortlessly. The syllabus that is taught at swararnava is accepted across the country. Swararnava was established in 2007 September at Ameerpet, and later it was extended to another branch at Taranaka in 2008 Read More

Amongst all musical instruments, violin is the foremost one, which can produce even the smallest nuances. It hence gives a wider scope to the students to understand the applicability of violin in different fields of music. Our main focus is to train the students technically to play even the difficult and subtle musical notes effectively.

GREATNESS OF VIOLIN : As the area of operation is small, it is possible to play violin at any speed to match the vocalist with ease. Violin can produce all subtle nuances, gamakas, modulations, and all the microtones which characterize classical music. The timber potentiality of the violin and its ability to blend with the voice gave the instrument an edge over all other instruments as the most ideal accompanying instrument.

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